Oomah Corp Consulting – Logo

Owner: Dave Oomah – Oomah Copr

Site: None

Work done:  Logo Design

A&J Cozy Creations

Owner: A&J Cozy Creations

Site: None, Etsy Shop (not open as of yet)

Work done: Logo Design, Etsy Banner & Full size Image

Won $100 gift certificate as a social auction prize.

Website – Vegan Winnipeg

Owner: Krista Blahut

Site: Vegan Winnipeg

Work done: Logo Design, Business Card & WordPress Theme for their Website

Website – Klein Hunde Reg’d

Owner: Bev Epp

Site: Klein Hunde Reg’d

Work done: Wordpress Theme for Longhaired Dachshunds Website

Website – Bethel Rays of Hope

Owner: Bethel Rays of Hope Ministries

Site: www.bethelraysofhope.com

Work done: Logo Design, Website and Other Material

A Labour of Love

Owner: Helena Grantham

Site: www.alabouroflove.ca

Work done: Logo, Business Card, Website and other marketing material

Northern Light Mukluks

Owner: Annaliese Joy

Site: www.northerlightmukluks.com (no longer in business – Feb 2015)

Work done: Logo, Website, Business Card

Community Living Selkirk

Owner: Community Living Selkirk

Site: None

Work done: Logo Design, Business Card & Branding Material

CLS – Riverside Grill

Owner: Community Living Selkirk – Riverside Grill

Site: None

Work done: Logo Design, Business Card & Branding Material

Designs by Signature

Owner: Designs by Signature

Site: Designs by Signature

Work done: Logo Design, Business Card & Website